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LeanData is the leading platform for operations professionals – every app, tool, and software you use every day is in one single, inter-connected experience. Leverage our best-in-class integrations with other go-to-market applications to power your revenue engine.

FlowBuilder Integrations

Trigger Sales Workflows Based on Conditions

Connect your most valuable tools to your revenue flow. Use the LeanData FlowBuilder visual interface to define conditions that trigger an outbound sales workflow on a lead or contact. Automate sales workflows in a way that makes reps efficient and productive.

Current Integrations:

Matching API

Make Your Marketing Systems CRM Aware

Match data from your martech with leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities in your Salesforce CRM. Use LeanData’s matching results to prevent duplicates from entering Salesforce, display targeted content based on contextual data, automate conditional workflows in Salesforce and external systems, and deliver buying intent notifications to relevant reps.

The LeanData-G2 Crowd integration helps our reps know which of their target accounts are now in advanced stages of research and consideration. We use it as a strong influencer in how we pursue these accounts.

Tod McCormick

Current Integrations:

Click here for information on the G2 integration.

Routing API

Get Reps to Respond Faster to Any Custom Objects

Leverage LeanData Round Robin pools to route any custom object to sales reps. Distribute the objects evenly to owners and ensure they can be acted upon fast.

Every morning before LeanData, I had a stack of “Call to Actions” that I had to manually round robin to waiting reps based on different criteria on the records. Now with LeanData’s Round Robin API automatically routing our “Call to Actions” to the next rep in queue, LeanData is helping Glassdoor support 60% of our customers faster and saving me 30-45 minutes per day.

Mark Kish

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