LeanData Announces 3rd Annual Ops-Stars Conference

SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 18, 2018 – LeanData, the leader in Lead-to-Account Matching, Routing, and Attribution, today announced that Ops-Stars 2018 will be held September 25-26 in San Francisco at the historical landmark, the San Francisco Mint. Ops-Stars, the premier Operations event of the year will bring together hundreds of customers, partners, and thought leaders to explore next-generation strategies to power Revenue Operations.

With the theme of “Follow the Money” Ops-Stars attendees can discover the technology, trends, and people who are shaping the future of Revenue Operations. The two-day jam-packed event features a variety of general session keynotes, breakout sessions, and workshops on hot topics such as ABM, AI’s growing impact on integrated sales and marketing tech stacks, sales and marketing planning strategies, scaling operations to accelerate revenue growth, and more.

At Op-Stars, attendees can:

  • Hear keynotes from industry executives on what matters most in Revenue Operations today, and what’s coming next
  • Meet face-to-face with subject matter experts who bring new perspectives to pain points and opportunities
  • Network with LeanData’s partner ecosystem, industry leaders, and other Sales and Marketing movers and shakers — a “who’s who” in digital business
  • Learn from industry best practices, and case studies and workshops

Over two days, September 25-26th, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from leading executives, influential thought leaders, and esteemed peers about best practices to help them accelerate time to revenue and grow ROI for their respective organizations.

“We created Ops-Stars with a vision to empower operations professionals, who are the unsung heroes, within their companies, with best practices and thought leadership content on how to connect data to the right people to accelerate time to revenue,” said Evan Liang, chief executive officer, co-founder, LeanData. “Ops-Stars 2018 will over-deliver on that commitment. We are thrilled to open registration and to announce our incredible keynotes for Ops-Stars 2018. We look forward to seeing everyone at the San Francisco Mint on September 25-26th.”

Ops-Stars attendees will have the opportunity to attend over 25 breakout sessions and keynotes over the two-day event. Keynote sessions that will take place throughout the conference include:

  • How to Optimize for Growth Leading to a Successful Exit: It’s every entrepreneur’s dream to build, grow their business leading to a successful exit. What is the secret that a select few entrepreneurs understand? Join Doug Pepper, managing director, Shasta Ventures, for a fireside chat discussion featuring Christopher Cabrera,  founder, chief executive officer, Xactly, and Godard Abel, co-founder, executive chairman, G2 Crowd, to learn about how they scaled their go-to-market strategies to grow their respective businesses that ultimately lead to successful exits, including  IPOs and acquisitions.
  • Not Yet The New Normal: Account-Based Marketing Must Evolve Into Account-Based Engagement: Laura Ramos, vice president, principal analyst, B2B marketing professionals, Forrester, will unveil a new research report that focuses on how companies have been successful with their ABM strategies over the past two years. Furthermore, Laura will provide insights and best practices that will enable sales and marketing teams to turn ABM into Account-Based Engagement throughout the customer journey.
  • Three Phases: The New Approach for Sales and Marketing Planning: The traditional approach to business planning has been for sales and marketing teams to conduct their planning in private silos. Once their plans are in place and motions are underway, then it occurs to both teams to share the information. In today’s business environment, the traditional approach is no longer viable. In this keynote, Dana Therrien, service director, sales operations strategies, SiriusDecisions, will outline the new three-phase approach for sales and marketing planning approach to growing revenue for their organization.
  • World-Class Ops-Stars Panel: Sales and Marketing Ops roles have become very hot positions within enterprises today. However, the challenge remains, how can these teams integrate, including their stacks, to optimize for revenue? How do you justify your tech stack to your senior executives? Learn from industry-leading sales and marketing professionals on how they built and executed proven integrated go-to-market strategies to accelerate revenue growth for their companies.

“Over the years, Ops-Stars has become the de-facto conference for Operations leaders. It’s only fitting that this year’s theme ‘Follow the Money’ will take place at the historic San Francisco Mint venue and will host the best and brightest in the Operations industry.  Attendees can expect an elevated conference, featuring influential thought leaders and Operations leaders from the biggest brands in the B2B space,” said Karen Steele, chief marketing officer, LeanData. “Ops-Stars 2018 will empower the current generation of operations professionals to become the next generation of business executives.”

To register for Ops-Stars 2018, please visit https://bit.ly/2t0PJsy.

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