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Solution Brief LeanData & Microsoft Teams Integration
LeanData & Microsoft Teams Integration

Learn how LeanData’s seamless integration with Microsoft Teams provides the ability to automate instant notifications that rapidly alert revenue team members any time a record is assigned to them.

Solution Brief LeanData & 6sense Integration
LeanData & 6sense Integration

LeanData's integration of 6sense allows revenue teams to eliminate guesswork and expertly target, engage and convert high-value buyers from targeted accounts at the optimal time for the prospect.

Solution Brief BookIt — Automated Scheduling by LeanData
BookIt — Automated Scheduling by LeanData

Use BookIt, LeanData's automated scheduling software, to empower your prospects to immediately book meetings with the best reps for their needs, all on their own terms.

Solution Brief LeanData & Salesforce Sales Engagement Integration
LeanData & Salesforce Sales Engagement Integration

LeanData Routing’s seamless integration with Salesforce Sales Engagement empowers the automated distribution of leads and contacts to sales cadences for the most relevant outreach.

Solution Brief LeanData Enterprise Growth Solutions
LeanData Enterprise Growth Solutions

Optimize Your GTM Workflows With LeanData Lead Automation

Solution Brief Improve Speed to Lead with Faster Rep Response Time
Improve Speed to Lead with Faster Rep Response Time

Speed to lead, or lead response time, is determined by lead processing time plus representative response time. Automated solutions like LeanData help optimize both.

Solution Brief Campaign Member-Based Routing
Campaign Member-Based Routing

Automatically route your Salesforce Leads and Contacts based upon their engagement with your campaigns and provide additional, campaign-related context to your GTM teams with LeanData routing.

Solution Brief Speed to Lead as a Competitive Advantage
Speed to Lead as a Competitive Advantage

Learn how lead response time, or speed to lead, is one of the key determining factors in winning the race for your customer. Optimize speed to lead for a competitive advantage.

Solution Brief LeanData Routing
LeanData Routing

Maximize the full potential of your Demand Generation and create great buying experiences for prospects with LeanData's no-code, drag-and-drop automated Routing solution.

Solution Brief The Cost of Poor Lead-to-Account Matching
The Cost of Poor Lead-to-Account Matching

Learn the consequences of poor lead-to-account matching and how LeanData helps resolve in this data sheet.

Solution Brief Account Routing With LeanData
Account Routing With LeanData

LeanData's Account Routing brings the power of its visual FlowBuilder and automated Routing to your Salesforce account.

Solution Brief Time-Based Routing
Time-Based Routing

With LeanData's Time-based Routing, you can schedule the routing of objects or automate actions such as creating new objects and notifying sales reps.