Steal that Playbook: Activating Your Event Strategy

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Losing EXP because of gaps in your event strategy? This webinar’s for you.

Events don’t stop at just swag or staffing. It ultimately boils down to the amount of awareness, meetings, pipeline, and ROI you drive before, during, and after an event.

Join revenue leaders from Spekit, CaptivateIQ and LeanData as they share actionable tips for you to CRUSH this events season. We’ll talk pre-show prep, on-the-ground activations, and post event nurtures. Some things to look forward to:

Pre-event Strategy: How to align sales, marketing and operations on event goals AND drive people to your booth even before it’s built.

On-the-ground success: Catch attention in a sea of 10×10 squares and meet with the accounts that matter.

Post-event success: It’s not about uploading a list of leads and calling it a day. Learn how you can help sales teams prioritize and secure follow-up meetings with hot leads, as well as successfully nurture that giant list of leads you got.

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Chengxin Tan

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