LeanData & 6sense Integration Sparks Right-Time Account Engagement

It’s no secret that a LeanData and 6sense integration is a huge value-add to your tech stack.

In today’s new digital-first B2B buying journeys, prospective buyers give off an incredible amount of signals. There’s website visits, blog post reads and shares, content downloads and so much more. With this breaking wave of data, navigating the tumultuous seas of anonymous buyer intent signals is incredibly difficult for increasingly swamped revenue teams.

More difficult still is effectively responding to those account intent signals with the best account-based plays from both Sales and Marketing groups. Too often it’s just a guessing game for the revenue team. And, consider this: When was the last time “guessing” was your best strategic play?

Image of an organize life preserver ring on the edge of a pier.

Fortunately for operations professionals everywhere, there’s an automated life preserver ring on which to grab. Integrating LeanData’s industry-leading revenue orchestration platform with 6sense’s account intent data delivers revenue teams intelligent account-based automation powered by real-time artificial intelligence (AI) insights.

LeanData and 6sense work better together

The LeanData and 6sense integration is an easy value-add to your revenue orchestration processes.

First, 6sense uncovers all the anonymous buying signals being created on both your company’s website and across the entire internet. With that data, 6sense then matches those signals to specific accounts and captures the critical keywords those accounts care about the most.

Then, LeanData customers utilize 6sense’s Company Details API to pull comprehensive firmographic data enrichment on website visitors, including the company name, its industry, its size, and its location(s). 6sense also pushes market segmentation, buying stage predictions and other rich account data to a customer’s Salesforce instance.

From there, LeanData’s industry-leading Routing solution distributes and assigns accounts to the right seller at precisely the right time for relevant, contextual engagement, each and every time. 

Flow chart depicting the LeanData & 6sense integration.

With LeanData and 6sense seamlessly working together, revenue teams eliminate guesswork to expertly target, engage and convert high-value buyers from targeted accounts just when they are most apt to purchase. 

Benefits of integrating LeanData with 6sense

Integrating LeanData and 6sense into your revenue orchestration processes delivers a number of quickly-realized benefits, including:

  • Increased revenue team efficiency through automated account-based motions
  • Increased effectiveness from laser-focused revenue teams
  • Accelerated sales pipeline and quicker time-to-revenue
  • Enhanced customer experiences through personalized account engagement

One of the biggest advantages of the LeanData and 6sense integration is the ability to trigger Sales representatives at the right-time to initiate personalized, customized and, most importantly, contextually relevant account engagements. 

You’ll greatly benefit when you focus your sellers on accounts most likely to convert. Automate account assignments upon 6QA, enrich, track SLAs and alert reps with all the context they need to book a meeting and advance the buying journey.

Additionally, you’ll be able to engage with accounts with hyper-personalized customer outreach. Simply, you’ll have the data to meet your buyers where they’re at. Leverage your newfound AI insights to tailor your account-based motions — for any stage, any segment and any account intent level.

“Over time we’ve evolved how we use our techstack from a number of individual tools to a powerful single source of truth that our sales team can trust. The LeanData and 6sense integration allows us to identify accounts that are most likely to buy and route them to the right sales rep with all the information they need to follow up quickly. It’s like a silver platter!” 

~ Nick Lansberry, Go-to-Market Operations Manager at Expedient

Using 6sense with LeanData

Integrating 6sense into your LeanData graphs in FlowBuilder is super easy. With the FlowBuilder no-code drag-and-drop interface, just grab the 6sense Intent Trigger node and 6sense Account Enrich node and drop them into your account routing graph. As easy as that, your automated processes will surface the hottest accounts to their corresponding representatives, complete with all the information needed to facilitate the buying journey. 

Contact your LeanData Customer Success Manager if you need any assistance.

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