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Stop relying on brittle code and manual triage to route leads

Sayonara Apex coding and manual triage

Visualize and immediately activate plays with no-code, drag-and-drop lead routing

LeanData FlowBuilder

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Handle B2B selling complexity with ease, at any scale

“LeanData has a spectacular routing solution that makes it so much easier to set up, manage and remove the manual effort that had been done by the reps.”
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Pat Oldenburg
VP, Demand Marketing & Operations ServiceMax
Coordinate buyer signals across every stage of the sales cycle with action nodes
Route leads and accelerate lead response time with fuzzy matching capabilities delivering 99.9% accuracy
Replace complex routing flows with an easy-to-use routing solution

Stop letting that bull loose in the china shop…

Create the right move for each revenue moment

Easily automate routing processes in your Salesforce instance with LeanData FlowBuilder’s third party, node-level integrations
Create shared transparency across the entire revenue team with SLA automation and reporting
Deliver true speed to lead with the composability of LeanData’s Salesforce-native lead routing platform

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