10 Best Lead Assignment Tools for Revenue Teams (2024)

What are Lead Assignment Tools?

Lead assignment tools improve sales processes by automating lead distribution.

A lead assignment tool worth buying will:

  • Reduce manual tasks
  • Improve speed to lead
  • Prevent lead leakage
  • Reduce sales cycles

So, if you’re in the market for a lead assignment tool, here are the top 10 you should consider:

#1 LeanData

LeanData is a revenue orchestration platform solution native to Salesforce.

With matching at its core, LeanData uses best-in-class logic to increase efficiency and team productivity. LeanData is known for its flexibility and scalability. The most common word LeanData customers use to describe the platform is “robust.”

LeanData website home page

Here are the key features that make LeanData so beneficial for teams who want to automate lead assignment:

Revenue Orchestration

LeanData’s Revenue Orchestration platform hosts all of your lead assignment tools in one place.

  • Operate with precision and maximize CRM value by confidently matching buyer signals to other CRM records with 95% accuracy
  • Simplify and accelerate complex selling using a drag-and-drop interface for lead assignment and update any object in Salesforce records in real time
  • Maximize the value of all your data and prevent dirty data from impacting your revenue teams
  • View and optimize revenue operations with automated SLA tracking and detailed audit logs of every automated decision and action

Features and Functionality

  • Any object routing
  • Fuzzy matching
  • Round Robins, capping, and territory-based assignment
  • Routing Scheduler
  • List Analyzer
  • Multi Graph
  • Automated data management
  • Automated alerts

Automated Meeting Scheduling

In addition to Revenue Orchestration, LeanData streamlines automated meeting scheduling with their BookIt suite of solutions.

  • Instantly schedule across channels and book qualified meetings directly from your webforms and chatbots with BookIt for Forms
  • Schedule follow-ups directly from Salesforce or within Lead and Contact records, ensuring precise handoffs every time with BookIt Handoff
  • Accelerate scheduling with personalized links that can be shared across channels, allowing for streamline scheduling within teams with BookIt Links

1000+ companies rely on LeanData to assign leads and simplify their buyer journeys.

Icon logos from G2, Salesforce and Trustradius with stars to reflect LeanData ratings

LeanData Pricing

LeanData currently offers three main tiers for purchase, including Standard ($39/ month), Advanced ($49/ month), and Premium ($59/ month). The full list of features as well as plan comparisons are noted on the LeanData pricing page

Gif showing LeanData reviews from G2

LeanData is so much more than a matching and routing tool.

In fact, it’s nine tools bundled into one platform.

Check out all the things you didn’t know LeanData can do.

#2 Distribution Engine

Based in the UK, Distribution Engine is a rules-based application for routing and lead distribution in Salesforce. 

Screenshot of Distribution Engine lead assignment software

Main Features

  • Lead distribution
  • Load balancing and caps
  • SLAs
  • Monitoring and analytics
  • List-based lead distribution rules

Distribution Engine Pricing

Distribution Engine has one plan with one price per user ($45/user/month). The minimum number of licenses is five. Standard Support is free and Premium Support is an additional 20% of contract value. Distribution Engine offers a 30-day free trial.


Reviews of Distribution Engine mention its ability to promote fairness in lead distribution as well as an easy setup experience. 


Distribution Engine users mention its lack of flexibility in lead assignment criteria. Some reviews mentioned the need to manually restart the tool.

In addition, some users report the license capacity is easily hit every month. As a result, lead spikes can cause Salesforce time-out errors, requiring admins to spend time make sure Leads are lost due to “user not licensed.”

#3 Q-Assign

Q-Assign is a Salesforce-native application that supports Lead, Opportunity, and Case assignment. In addition, Q-Assign will connect your Salesforce instance to AI models like ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude and LLaMa.

Q-Assign SaaS software tool

Main Features

  • Dynamic assignment rules
  • Availability-based routing
  • Account matching
  • Automated reassignment and prioritization
  • Weighted Round Robins
  • Slack and Teams notifications

Q-Assign Pricing

Q-Assign has three pricing tiers available: Standard ($21 per user/ month), Premium, and Enterprise (the latter two both marked as POA per user/month). The minimum number of user licenses is 20. Q-Assign offers a 30-day trial.


Reviews of Q-Assign mention good customer support and ease of use.


Q-Assign users mention issues when uploading upgrades as well as occasional bugs and complex configurations. 

Curious how LeanData optimizes lead assignment?

Watch a 100-second demo here
Watch Demo

#4 RevenueHero

RevenueHero is a software tool that helps B2B revenue teams automate the meeting scheduling process and route Leads. It integrates with lead capture forms to qualify prospects and schedule meetings with sales representatives. 

Screenshot of Revenue Hero home page
Source: RevenueHero

Main Features

  • Meeting scheduling and distribution
  • Campaign routing
  • Lead qualification
  • Round Robin distribution
  • Reporting capabilities

RevenueHero Pricing

Currently, RevenueHero offers an “Inbound Essentials” plan priced at $25/user/month, an “Outbound Essentials” plan at $20/user/month, and a “GTM Enterprise” plan at $39/user/month. In addition, there is a fixed platform fee for each plan. 


Reviews of RevenueHero mention its reliability, ease of use, and low pricing.


RevenueHero users mention a lack of customization in calendar features, as well as occasional bugs. Some users report that the UX needs work and making changes is not easy. 

#5 Hubspot Sales Hub

HubSpot is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that provides a suite of tools to support marketing, sales, customer service, content management, and operations. 

Within the Hubspot platform, there are lead management tools in “Sales Hub” that help to automate lead assignment, lead scoring and prioritization as well as lead distribution. 

Flowchart showing Hubspot Lead Assignment Tools
Source: Hubspot

Main Features

  • Round Robin lead distribution
  • Lead segmentation
  • Lead assignment workflows

Hubspot Pricing

Hubspot pricing for lead assignment tools falls within its Sales Hub software or Operations Hub software. For lead management tools like lead form routing and lead scoring, Sales Hub starts at $150/month/seat. For an Operations Hub Professional license that allows users to schedule workflows and program automations, the pricing starts at $720/month for one administrative seat. 

Hubspot offers a free 14-day trial. Because of the large offerings within the Hubspot suite, we recommend talking to their sales department for exact pricing. 


Reviews of Hubspot Sales Hub mention that it helps organize inbound lead distribution. Users like the lead scoring and lead handoff tools and report that workflows are easy to customize.


Some Hubspot Sales Hub users report a lack of reporting capabilities. In addition, users mention that customization is not as robust as Salesforce lead assignment rules. 

#6 Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a suite of tools within the Salesforce CRM ecosystem that includes Lead, Opportunity, and Account management as well as workflow and process automation.

In Sales Cloud, leads are distributed through lead assignment rules.

Screenshot of Salesforce Sales Cloud SaaS platform
Source: Salesforce

Main Features

  • Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity management
  • Lead assignment and routing
  • Lead scoring
  • Duplicate blocking
  • Web-to-Lead capture
  • Customizable reports and dashboards
  • Flow orchestration
  • Salesforce Appexchange integrations

Salesforce Pricing

Sales Cloud pricing starts at $25/user/month for a Starter Suite, and increases up to $165/user/month for features like territory management and workflow automation. Salesforce offers a free 30-day trial. 


Salesforce Sales Cloud users report that the tools are easy to configure. They appreciate that the software has powerful APIs that connect to other systems.


Critical reviews of Salesforce Sales Cloud mention difficulties in changing the UX. In addition, the lead assignment rules become more difficult to manage as complexity increases. For example, Salesforce lead assignment rules will not auto-convert Leads to Contacts.

#7 PowerRouter

PowerRouter is a Salesforce-native application designed to help automate lead assignment. The tool offers both lead routing and case routing with Round Robin functionality and load balancing.

Source: PowerRouter

Main Features

  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • SLA-drive assignment rules
  • Lead assignment segmentation
  • Fuzzy matching algorithms
  • Workflow auditing
  • Slack integration

PowerRouter Pricing

PowerRouter offers three pricing plans: Starter at $15/user/month, Growth at $25/user/month, and Enterprise at $35/user/month. 


PowerRouter users like the no-code interface and appreciate the time they’ve saved from previously manual lead assignment processes. Reviews share that it’s easy to install and use.


Critical reviews of PowerRouter mention a lack of integrations.

#8 Complete Leads by Traction Complete

Complete Leads by Traction Complete is a Salesforce-native application that offers no-code matching and routing tools. This software automates case routing, account assignment, territory management, and bulk updates.

Screenshot of Complete Leads by Traction Complete, a lead distribution tool
Source: Traction Complete

Main Features

  • Any object matching and routing
  • Automated SLAs
  • Merging duplicates
  • Data enrichment
  • Drag-and-drop user interface
  • Sales rep response dashboard
  • Audit logs

Traction Complete Pricing

Complete Leads by Traction Complete starts at $39/user/month with a minimum spend of $10K per year. 


Traction Complete user reviews report the UI to be user-friendly and good customer support. 


Critical reviews of Traction Complete mention technical issues and a lack of reporting capabilities. Traction Complete does not support campaign-based routing or time-based routing. Users report limited SLA tracking features. In addition, Traction Complete users have to manually configure matching rules to determine the best match.

#9 Openprise

Openprise is an application focused on data normalization, data hygiene and marketing attribution. Their platform can also be used for lead routing and matching automation. Openprise is not native to Salesforce.

Screenshot of OpenPrise home page offering lead distribution tools
Source: Openprise

Main Features

  • No-code matching and routing
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead enrichment
  • Data deduplication
  • Account and territory administration

Openprise Pricing

Openprise offers two plans, Professional and Enterprise, along with a “Solutions Package.” The Professional plan starts at $35K/year for up to 250K records. 


Openprise users like the deduplication features. Reviewers report the customer support is good. 


Critical reviews of Openprise report the UI is not built for non-IT professionals. Instead of a visual FlowBuilder that can be edited, Openprise has lists of if/then logic. Customers often rely on the Openprise team to do the rule building and configuration work rather than the users themselves. 

#10 RingLead aka ZoomInfo Operations

RingLead was acquired by ZoomInfo in 2021 and rebranded as ZoomInfo Operations. Ringlead historically focused on technical outcomes for data cleansing. Today, the Zoominfo Operations tool automates data management, handles data enrichment, and provides workflow automation for sales and marketing teams. 

Screenshot of ZoomInfo website page about data orchestration
Source: ZoomInfo

Main Features

  • Automated deduplication
  • Lead-to-Account matching
  • Lead enrichment
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead routing
  • Round Robin lead assignment
  • Territory-based flows

RingLead/ZoomInfo Operations Pricing

RingLead/ZoomInfo Operations offers multiple plans and packages. However, while there are comparisons available for each plan and package, there’s no ungated pricing information included on their website.


ZoomInfo Operations users report positive reviews of the UI. Users like its ability to clean and enrich data. 


Some former RingLead users report that the platform is overly complicated and has poor visibility. Other RingLead/ZoomInfo users have experienced difficulties with their contract. This LinkedIn post is worth a read.

Plus, do you really want a company who is giving you data to also be in charge of data hygiene? Those two services are in direct conflict.

  • L2A matching
  • lead assignment rules
  • lead assignments
  • lead automation
  • lead management
  • Lead Routing
  • revenue orchestration
  • RevOps