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Plotting the Course: Navigating Successful Territory Planning In The Rough Terrain of 2023

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A new sun rises over the summer camp of 2023, casting long shadows over the unexplored territories of your sales landscape. From afar, these territories may seem untameable and unpredictable, but with the right navigational tools and an explorer’s intuition, they can be harnessed into a path to success.

In this on-demand session, we delve into the world of territory planning, transforming it from a daunting forest into a familiar campsite. You will learn to recognize the natural patterns of account distribution, adapt to shifting market landscapes, and guide your reps in navigating their own territories with confidence.

Topics of Discussions:

  • Recognizing natural account patterns
  • Adapting to market changes
  • Empowering reps for optimized account engagement
  • Utilizing technological tools for efficient territory management

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Chengxin Tan

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