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Where Do You Go From RevOps? Advancing Your Ops Career Path

Learn from three former RevOps pros who advanced their careers into VC, executive leadership, and COO roles as they share what translates to the next level in a RevOps career journey.

Keynote: The #1 Secret to RevOps’ Success: Transforming the Buyer and Seller Journey

Learn to understand the strategic role RevOps plays, offer great experiences to your customers, and get the visibility and common data set you need to make a positive impact on your business.

The Reports Your CMO Wants to See

Whether you’re a CMO or an operations professional, this session offers a future-oriented and engaging look into the reports that guide and justify your go-to-market strategy.

Building Blocks of Revenue: A Hands-On Guide to Designing Your Waterfall Model

In the dynamic realm of sales and marketing, achieving revenue targets demands more than just intuition—it requires a structured approach that marries historical data with forward-thinking strategy. This session offers a comprehensive dive into designing a tailored waterfall model, starting with the foundational bookings plan, integrating historical pipeline data and close rates, and finally setting precise pipeline goals for upcoming quarters. By melding art and science, this hands-on guide sets you on the path to predictable and sustainable revenue growth.

Busting Silos: Snowflake’s Unified, Account-Based Motions at Scale

Through a combination of account prioritization, digital advertising and highly targeted SDR prospecting, Snowflake experiences 2X to 4X increases in SDR efficiency. Hear from Travis and Hillary as they describe a unique approach to account-based marketing they’ve coined “One-Team GTM.” Learn from Travis and Hillary as they share plays and strategies from their recently published book, Busting Silos.

3 Ways to Protect Revenue and Preserve Customers

Catch this on-demand OpsStars session to hear how business leaders are reducing churn, getting ahead of risk, and cultivating a legion of loyal customers. The panelists will cover topics such as automation, using the right customer data, renewals cadences, and more. 

Opening Keynote: RevOps – Past, Present, and Future

LeanData CEO Evan Liang will take the keynote stage joined by three noted revenue leaders, Jeff Serlin, Franco Anzini, and Christine Maxey, as they provide perspective and discuss the challenges and opportunities for RevOps during a downturn while keeping an eye on what the future holds for the practice.  

Next-Level GTM: Tactical Tips for Personalized Buying Experiences

When you have your marketing, sales, operations, and partnerships teams all marching in the same direction, you’re sure to pull off an impressive show. In this session, you’ll find hot takes, actionable takeaways, and thought-provoking answers that will help you innovate on your go-to-market strategy to deliver more personalized buying experiences, even amidst turbulent economic conditions.

eBook 2023 OpsStars Awards: A Compilation of Award-Winning Ops Stories
2023 OpsStars Awards: A Compilation of Award-Winning Ops Stories

The OpsStars Awards recognize ops professionals for the innovative projects and programs that help their companies grow. This year’s winners exemplify the OpsStars 2023 theme — Activate the Ultimate Revenue Machine.

eBook 2023 OpsStars Awards: Winning Sales Cadence
2023 OpsStars Awards: Winning Sales Cadence

This year's award recognizes NIQ as an organization who has optimized their sales cadences through a best-practice approach to improve efficiency, consistency, and performance, achieving outcomes such as increased pipeline, conversion rate, and revenue.

eBook 2023 OpsStars Awards: OpsStar of the Year
2023 OpsStars Awards: OpsStar of the Year

The 2023 OpsStar of the Year is Rachel Godfrey from BambooHR, recognizing her standout achievements and contributions to the Ops industry.

eBook 2023 OpsStars Awards: Most Cutting-Edge Ops Program of the Year
2023 OpsStars Awards: Most Cutting-Edge Ops Program of the Year

With the market in a state of constant change, revenue teams must stay on the cutting edge of innovation to stay nimble in new market realities. This award recognizes Nexthink for demonstrating forward thinking solutions across people, process and/or technology resulting in real business impact.