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Fireside Chat with NCR: Successfully Navigating Change in the Enterprise

Learn how you can successfully navigate change amidst the dynamic IT environment across multiple industries.

The Next RevOps Revolution: AI and Data Science in Revenue Plays

Learn how NVIDIA’s team of data scientists interpret the signals that feed into tying all things to revenue for a clearer lens in identifying buying groups in ready-to-engage accounts.

How to Design and Execute a Rock-Solid AI Strategy That Drives Results

In this session, you’ll hear a thoughtful approach for weaving AI into your strategic planning.

SAVE vs SPEND: A Growth-Oriented Approach to Tech Decisions for Revenue Operations

Join revenue leaders from Shift Paradigm as they discuss ways companies are gaining competitive advantage using technology in today’s marketplace.

Collaboration Station: RevOps and Enablement

Learn best practices on improving handoffs, achieving tight alignment, and capitalizing on joint opportunities to achieve sustained growth and revenue.

Why Tech Stack Consolidation in a Down Economy Isn’t Always the Answer

Learn how to orchestrate automation, maximize efficiency, and pave the way for success in a down economy.

Secrets Behind Cultivating a High-Performance GTM Culture

Hear real-world examples of how to keep your team energized and motivated by cultivating a GTM culture that’s set up to thrive in any circumstance. 

Video Route Your Way to More Website Pipeline
Route Your Way to More Website Pipeline

Learn how you can use a routing platform, with a pipeline generation platform to fix your “leaky” lead and pipeline bucket.

“Growth at Any Cost” Is a Path to Failure. You Need Quality Revenue—Here’s How

In this sprint of a talk, we will cover how you can measure and motivate to achieve quality revenue.

The Impact of Generative AI on Ops Roles

Learn from Karan Singh and Craig Rosenberg, as they share their investigation into the generative AI landscape.

OpsStars Unplugged: Navigating the Revenue Engine in Turbulent Times

Join our panel as they discuss their experiences navigating the current business climate when evaluating various pieces of the revenue engine and how the “do more with less” mentality can actually be a blessing in disguise.

From Insights to Actions: How AI is Redefining Revenue Operations

In this session, Pete Kazanjy (Co-Founder & CRO @ Atrium, Founder @ Modern Sales Pros) will elaborate on the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence in Revenue Operations.