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Introducing LeanData Engagement

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Need an early stage metric to measure account-based marketing success? Want to learn about LeanData’s newest product and understand how it fits into a revenue operations strategy? Join LeanData’s product team in this webinar as they unveil our new product, LeanData Engagement!

Watch for an in-depth look at the most simple, accurate, and actionable engagement analytics tool in the market. In addition to highlighting LeanData Engagement’s robust functionality, we demo its power and discuss the importance of account engagement and campaign engagement for driving revenue in the current market.

Discover how to:

  • Strategically leverage account engagement data for a successful account-based motion
  • Utilize LeanData Engagement as part of a solid data and revenue operations strategy
  • Reduce analysis time with simple and accurate engagement insights
  • Improve revenue team alignment by measuring Sales and Marketing efforts to penetrate target accounts
  • Enable rapid campaign follow-up with actionable information
  • Engagement
  • Marketing
  • Operations

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