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Latane Conant


By using LeanData Matching and Routing with their own platform, 6sense increased pipeline by 60%, enabling them to work more opportunities and increase their odds of winning.

Raheel Alam


BombBomb eliminated the case of “lost leads” by using LeanData Matching and Routing, enabling them to decrease their First Response Time by 400%.

Jim Barron


Hear how Xactly accelerates Sales follow-ups by using LeanData, improving the efficiency of their Sales teams and starting each day off right with Matching and Lead Routing.

Tanya Dracolakis


BrightTALK uses LeanData to align their data, rapidly respond to leads, and easily share their data across a global organization. See why they say the benefits are endless.

Loren Posendek


LeanData’s Matching gives Duo visibility into leads and makes lead to account connections, gaining more visibility for a holistic view of the account to support their ABM strategy.

Phil Lacorte


Trifacta implemented LeanData Matching and Routing and reduced their lead response time from five days to less than one, increasing opportunity creation by 25%.

Brett Rogers


Using LeanData, NextRoll routes thousands of leads per month with a great amount of flexibility, enabling them to be adaptive, quickly adjusting and executing their go-to-market strategies.

Barton Jones

Verizon Media

LeanData has enabled Verizon Media to properly connect their data in Salesforce and then apply a revenue data model that they can trust across the business.

In their own words

When we look at our budget, LeanData is in that golden category of the best money we’ve ever spent. It’s A-plus software in my mind. Sam Shin Senior Sales Operations Analyst,
The LeanData team has been able to guide us to implement best practices and help us tweak our processes. Danita Fleck Marketing Operations Manager,
I see LeanData as a necessity. The alternative is just such a waste of time. Standard Salesforce lead routing was not an option because it just doesn’t work very well. Dhiraj Singh Inside Sales and Operations Manager,

Insights from LeanData

Pendo Case

Find out how Pendo uses LeanData Matching and Routing to optimize territory management and uses Attribution to share visibility into marketing impact on the company’s rapid growth.

Cybrary Case

Find out how Cybrary,
increased product demos
by 64%, increased pipeline by
133% and conversion rates by
5x in just one quarter with

Intercom Case

Read how Intercom lowered
costs and increased sales
efficiency when the
organization decided to buy
a routing solution instead
of  building it on their own.

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